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South Africa
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Who are we?

The Great People of South Africa is a women-led non profit organisation, that operates as a Paralegal Advice Centre, advocating for gender equality, women and girl's rights, the rights of the LGBTQI+ community and people living with disabilities. We are focused on issues such as gender based violence, access to the Justice system, sexual and economic violence and sexual and reproductive health rights

The organization was started by Zintle Khobeni who is a human rights activist. With over 5 years experience in the nonprofit sector, she  mobilized other activists and law students mainly women and the LGBTQI+ from various backgrounds to join her , with the sole intention of using the Constitution and their basic legal knowledge to establish a nonprofit organization that would function as a Paralegal advice center that offers free basic legal advice and advocates against human rights violations towards vulnerable people and those living in indigent communities

Services We Offer

  • Free Paralegal advice
  • Post-School Paralegal Training Program for young girls
  • Research and Policy Development work
  • Court Support Program for victims of #GBV
  • Application for Opportunities for young girls
  • Advocacy work
  • Human Rights Education
Our Objective

·       Advance Gender Equality and women and girls rights..

·       To positively  contribute towards building a cohesive society and  advance our constitutional democracy .

·       To promote and protect Human rights

·       To offer free basic  legal advice and be accessible to all townships, cape flats and rural areas to ensure access to the Justice system.

·       To collaborate and partner with sister organizations to ensure greater success of our objectives

·       To educate community members on issues of gender based violence,, Sexual and economic violence and Reproductive Health rights

·       To work with community members in running effective campaigns to address their economic and social needs

Our Vision

We envision an equal and quality South Africa for all, one that understands the importance of Gender equality, the

Promotion and Protection of Human rights, prioritizes women and girl's rights as well as the rights of the LGBTQI+

community and people living with disabilities. A South Africa that adheres to the rule of Law and abides by the

constitutional values of the Republic. We envision a South Africa that is non-patriarchal ,where Gender Based Violence statistics have declined by 50% by 2023.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring attention to the various issues faced by vulnerable people in our marginalized societies, to

mobilize and educate members of our societies about Gender based violence, to Promote and Protect their basic

human rights and advance South Africa's constitutional democracy.

We are on a mission to challenge patriarchal norms, Gender inequality and Human rights violation, and to ensure that we avail free and accessible basic legal advice to marginalized communities, while building strong partnerships with  sister organizations.

Our Partners
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Impulse Cape Town

Impulse is a group of Dynamic, progressive and sex-positive unicorns promoting healthier lifestyle choices in the LGBTQI+ community. Impulse is dedicated to promoting healthier sexual lifestyles among gay men in 18 cities around the world. With support from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, this group of volunteers works to create campaigns, events, and online content to reach a new generation of gay men who live in a modern and rapidly evolving world

Silent Rights

Silent Rights is a platform for women to say enough. It needs to stop. We need change.

We’re about bringing women from all walks of life together, to support each other, to help each other, to stand together united in the fight against Women Abuse.

We are creating awareness.
We are offering help for victims. We are giving each other support. We are educating Women about Abuse.

Mpilo Publishing PTY Ltd

Mpilo Publishing (Pty) Ltd is a women owned South African publishing company whose aim is to publish books that bring about positive change in people’s lives, not only in perspective but in also bringing practical solutions for people to actively make a change they want to see in their lives. This is done in a form of bringing up and addressing topics from real stories. Examples of topics include: self-love issues, trauma of abuse, suicidal thoughts, absent parents and consequences thereof, lack of love and embrace.

Girls Empowerment and Boys Transformation

Girls Empowerment and Boys Transformation is a campaign focused on combating gender-based violence. We advocate for institutional and policy change, i.e. for effective laws, policies and institutions that prevent violence against women and support victims of gender-based violence. We establish programs such as Buy a Pad Drive to restore a women's dignity and also educate them about GBV. We work to develop economic and business opportunities for women, work with wider communities, including men and influential community institutions to begin wider conversations to shift norms and gender stereotypes that contribute to an environment that condones violence against women and children.

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Fight-Back SA

Fight Back SA is a trademarked, non-profit programme seeking to provide and teach young women, in under-privileged and crime-ridden areas how to defend themselves in any given situation of danger, through the means of a specifically tailored self defense programme based on the principles of Krav Maga.

The project hopes to teach young women how to defend, disarm and immobilize an attacker so that she may have the skills to take control of a potentially dangerous situation. Their goal is to provide South African women with the skills they need to defend themselves – with the ultimate dream of lowering our rape statistics, while hopefully preventing future cases of the physical assault of young women in SA.

Azania Community Empowerment

Azania is in the business of serving communities through challenging and empowering young people to challenge the current status quo and be actively involved in the development of themselves and their communities...
This is done through  a number of programs which include the Boys n Girls Empowerment clubs, Science kids, and Youth Camps or excursions.

The groups that we work with
We remain focused on the mission vision and goal of the organisation to serve the country to our fullest potential and ensure that the voices of all South Africans are heard and this is given emphasis on the following groups.
Women and Girls
People living with disabilities
The LGBTQI+ Community
Activists and other organisations working towards a similar goal